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Simply said, a humidor is box for safekeeping cigars no matter if they are produced by industrial manufacturing process or by hand. All of this would be simple enough if the real Cuban or Dominican cigars are not Astronomically expensive and hard to come by and in a need of special treatment and care upon which the preservation of the refined taste and quality of good cigars depend on.
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Mr Todor Stojanovski, the owner of “Evromebel” and the man behind the production of the first Macedonian humidors is a superb craftsman of wood products. Mr. Stojanovski works in this trade of wood products production more than 30 years.
The EVROMEBEL team and Mr. Stojanovski are proud to present their product, whose design was recently copyrighted as an original product.
The humidor has a large capacity of cigars and it is elegantly crafted, with over 20 stylish finishing touches among which is the dark walnut with inside of highest quality heavy wood types. The inside cigar storing part of the humidor is made out of boiled beech wood, tested under the highest standards to sustain the longevity of your cigars.

As any other high quality product of this kind, our humidor contains a hygrometer to control the humidity of the inside of the humidor. Together with the humidor, you will receive instruction manual for setting up and usage of the hygrometer.

Cage part of the humidor is a storage for your cigars. Under this cage, there is a humidifier with a sponge in which distilled water is poured to sustain humidity. For a complete protection of your favorite cigars, the humidor contains a security key lock.
Finally, this humidor has a capability to be hanged against the wall. The customers receive all necessary parts to install the humidor in such position.
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