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Your care and maintenance of your cigar humidor is very important and critical. Do Not, I repeat Do Not just put your cigars in the Humidor just yet, without setting it up. Just follow these 3 easy steps bellow and your cigars will be properly stored.

1. Charging Humidor Interior
2. Charging Humidor Humidifier (distilled water or activator solution)
3. Calibrate Humidor Hygrometer

1. Charging Humidor Interior - before anything with distilled water or activator solution wipe the interior of your humidor with a lint free cloth dampened lightly with distilled water or solution, this will help condition the interior to accept moisture. Next put 2 to 3 oz. of distilled water or solution in a cup and put the cup in the humidor closed for 24 hours. After 24 hours the moisture in your humidor interior will be prevalent once your cigars are in it. If this is not done the dry wood may suck all the moisture out of your cigars and/or your humidifier.

2. Charging humidor humidifier - lay your humidifier in a dish and put distilled water or activator solution about half way up the side. Soak the humidifier for few minutes, then remove it from the distilled water or solution and shake off the excess and dry the humidifier, so it doesn't drip on the cigars. Now install the humidifiers in the humidor. This completes the charging of the interior and the charging of the humidifier of your new humidor to maintain the freshness of your cigars. Recharge your humidifier every 2 to 4 months depending on your use.


DO NOT USE TAP WATER - Tap water and spring water contain minerals and chemicals, which may clog your humidifier and/or unpleasant odor to your cigars.

3. Calibrate Humidor Hygrometer - wet and rinse a towel so that its good and dump, then wrap the hygrometer with the towel for 45 minutes or more. Then very quickly unwrap the hygrometer and read the humidity. If the hygrometer reads 100% humidity your hygrometer is perfectly calibrated. If not then turn the hygrometer over and on the back you will see a small adjustment screw, with a small screwdriver turn the screw until the hygrometer reads 100%. Then re-test the hygrometer again. And adjust hygrometer if need to.

The hygrometer indicates in % the degrees of the atmospheric humidity. If you want to rely on exact indication, we recommend to you regenerating the instrument at least once a year.

That's all you need to do. Enjoy!
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